I am a filmmaker focused on character-driven documentary projects that illustrate social-political and cultural-historical developments anywhere in the world. I am also the owner of Bureau NY, a creative production company I run with husband and cinematographer Remco Bikkers. I'm New York based, Dutch born and ready to rumble.

Creating new projects is what makes me tick. I have an urge to getting to know the unknown. I enjoy trying to solve the unsolvable and somehow I often succeed in convincing the inconvincibles. I like crossing borders and working in a team. I'm not afraid of challenging circumstances.

What else? Sailed around the world on a three mast ship in the footsteps of Charles Darwin. Swam around the Statue of Liberty. Attended Oprah's final show. Found a 90 million years old dinosaur tooth. And I love to play nose flute, especially on Fridays.

To see what I did before the pandemic click HERE