THE BEAGLE, On the Future of Species

Scientific travel documentary

In 1831, the young naturalist Charles Darwin set sail on one of the most important journeys ever made. Darwin circumnavigated the earth on the clipper ‘Beagle’, making discoveries that changed our ideas of time, space, chance, sex and nature. Almost 180 years later, his great-great granddaughter Sarah Darwin and British author Redmond O’Hanlon repeated this epic expedition in 2009 for VPRO’s documentary series The Beagle.

The voyage was leaving from Plymouth, and following Darwin’s original route which took them from Tenerife to Brazil and from the Galapagos islands to Australia all the way to Mauritius and South Africa. Along the way they examinined countless beautiful animals, plants and fossils. Different scientists were invited aboard at different stages of the journey to conduct research, consider Darwin’s observations, and discuss how they relate to the modern day.

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We sailed on board of the three-mast ship the Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’, traveled for over nine consecutive months…in Darwin’s footsteps.- 35 episodes, 35 min
VPRO – Dutch Public Broadcaster