I have been directing, researching or producing for series like:

‘The Worth of the Earth’ an investigational series on the earth's resources,
‘Eva’s USA‘
talking to Americans about their country & their future
‘Rudi’About the Dutch flight school owner who unknowingly trained the 9/11 terrorists
‘The Beagle' in the Footsteps of Charles Darwin’ sailing around the world,
‘O’Hanlons Heroes’ a British author chasing 19th century explorers,
‘Homeward Bound’
two Dutch singers' fascination with Simon & Garfunkel,
‘Van Dis in Africa’
an assessment 15 years after the abolition of Apartheid.
Among others

Feature documentaries I have worked on as a researcher or producer: a.o *Etgar Keret: Winner of an International Emmy. (PvHuystee) *All you need is me, directed by Wim van der Aar (Halal) *Ghosts Don’t Walk: Art film by Vincent v/d Wijngaard & Saskia de Brauw

I have also worked on travel shows like 'Trippers' exploring youth (sub-)culture worldwide,
'Yorin Travel/3 Op Reis', 'Wildebeasts Africa' and adventure travel series like 'Peking Express'.