Adventure reality

Peking Express is a cultural and emotional roller coaster in which 8 couples participate in a spectacular race. They have to cross continents while hitch-hiking with only 1 dollar to spend per day.

The first Peking Express series, known as ‘The Trans-Siberian Route’, took the contestants from Moscow to Beijing. The route went through the Ural mountains, Siberia, Mongolia and all the way into Peking (Beijing)! At the end only 2 couples reach their final destination, where they then compete for a considerable sum of prize money.

Sr. Content Producer 2012 & Reporter 2006
I joined the crew in 2006 in India as a reporter doing ‘P.E. VIPS’ with celebrity Dutchies. Together with a cameraman, I followed one of the couples on their adventures in their 4000 km race from the Himalayas to the south of India. Several years later I oversaw a group of 6 reporters as senior content producer when the Peking Express traveled through South Korea and the Philippines for 6 weeks.
9 episodes, 50 minutes each. Kanakna Productions for Net 5 (part of commercial broadcaster SBS)